Followup on Close Connexion

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Close Connexion, a new
singles concept that has been recently launched in Brisbane.  I worked
with the founder Danielle Rodgers on her online marketing strategy.

Anyway, the opening event was on 22nd June at Brisbane’s Platform Bar
and I was one of the punters!  Even though I was involved in the
marketing side of the project, it was great to also experience the
format as a “customer”.

Unlike any other singles event formats, Close Connexion evenings are based around a table game developed by Danielle called The Meet Market™.

The game is very clever – after 3 minutes of explanation, people who
have never met each other before can start interacting via the game.  
This avoids the “uncomfortable silences” that we all fear when meeting
new people – especially in a dating setting.

Danielle has also developed a cool viral marketing tool – packs of 20
“Frequent Flirter Calling Cards” – you use them to exchange contact
details with that intriguing person across the room.

From a purely marketing angle, every time someone uses one of the cards, the Close Connexion name also gets a bit of exposure.

I had a fantastic time at the inaugural event and met a number of
great people. If you’re on the lookout for a singles event in Brisbane,
give Close Connexion a try. The next event is on Thursday 27 July so get in quick.

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