Internet Strategies Report Launched With Jay Abraham

One of the major developments in my business this year has been to co-author the Exponential Internet Strategies Report with US Marketing Marketing Wiz Jay Abraham.

There’s a tonne of “how to” guides around about internet marketing
but most of it is aimed at the “make-money-in-your-dressing-gown”,
information marketing crowd.  I’m not knocking it – selling information
online is a great business model in many ways.

But what if you operate an “offline” product or service business, and you want to learn how to…

  1. Generate more qualified sales leads and enquiries using the Internet
  2. Leverage the results of your current website
  3. Continuously improve your marketing ROI.

Many “information-marketing” principles don’t necessarily apply.
That’s because you actually have to DO something such as set an
appointment or ship a physical product to your customer. And many
“offline” businesses are not particularly web-savvy – they want to use
the internet as a sales or lead generation tool, without wanting to make
the web their core business.
The Exponential Internet Strategies Report addresses these issues – providing business owners and managers with a thorough strategic overview
of how to use the web as part of the marketing mix, plus dozens of
highly successful tactics for leveraging the Internet to create real
business results.

I’ll keep you posted about results as they come in.


Internet Lead Generation Guy

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