Why YOU Should Take HubSpot’s New Sales Software Certification


If you’re anything like us here at New Breed, you pride yourself on being knowledgeable in the “full funnel” of the Inbound methodology. You might even say that you’re a sort of modern renaissance man/woman when it comes all things marketing — and you’re not afraid to put that knowledge to the test.

This being the case, you’re probably familiar with HubSpot’s collection of certifications located in their Academy. Great news! It just so happens that there’s a new certification available for furthering your education in the Inbound marketing space. And it’s free!

This brand new certification is called the Sales Software certification.

HubSpot’s sales platform allows sales reps to streamline their processes while they gain visibility into day-to-day rep activities. The certification walks you through how to execute on your Inbound sales strategy with the best of them.

You might be wondering, “Who exactly should take this course?”

Here’s a quick look:

  • Marketing professionals who work closely with their sales team, and are looking for familiarity with HubSpot CRM and sales tools
  • Sales managers looking to transfer knowledge and train their team, as well as onboard new reps
  • Sales reps themselves who’d like to streamline their own processes and spend their days selling, NOT recording data on prospects
  • Sales Operations team members who can better their personal understanding of the sales process in order to truly enable sales reps to do their best

Naturally, when I heard about HubSpot’s Sales Software certification, I was chomping at the bit to get the exam and practicum finished. This five-class, two-hour course gave me great insight into the HubSpot Sales software platform as a whole, and helped me hone my skills on a variety of features within the platform.

It teaches the user how to utilize contacts in alignment with Inbound best practices, as well as how to use contact views to segment the contact database.

In addition, you’re coached through using email templates, the HubSpot Sales email extension, utilizing the deals feature, and even calling prospects directly from your browser! Each of these features has a distinct purpose and can help you start selling in the best ways possible.

Once you’ve worked through each module, you’ll take (and pass, of course!) the exam. Following the exam, you will be prompted to work through the practicum for this course. The practicum encompasses actually using and experiencing HubSpot Sales.

After you pass both the exam and the practicum — no doubt with flying colors — your certification will be logged in your HubSpot training and certification center and you’ll be able to post your badge on any of your favorite social media channels. You can even print it out. You worked for it, so why not show it off?

Now that you’ve read a bit about the certification, what are you waiting for?! Get out there and get certified!




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