5 New Metrics That Are Important For the Growth of Your Brand

5 New Metrics That Are Important For the Growth of Your Brand

Whether you want to grow your brand or keep it more successful, your main goal would always be to know the number of people’s attention your brand got and how well your brand has grown. New metrics help in determining, realizing and finding out new possibilities, realities, and facts.

So, here are 5 new metrics that are important for the growth of your brand.

5 New Metrics That Are Important For the Growth of Your Brand

1. Market Share

This metric helps to judge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns that includes branding startups, advertising campaigns, CRM programs and all other revenue generation things.

Market share tells you about your performance in front of your competitors. Hence, it is a relative measurement against external benchmarks.

Units, revenues, and margins should be tracked simultaneously to help recognize the value of the market share of your brand. There are several ways to measure the share; easiest being to rank revenue or measure ingross sales generated. Market Share hence becomes important.

2. Social Followers and Engagements

Brands with a large number of social followings are more successful. That is why it is important to track social engagement and followers on your brands’ social media accounts.

Tracking the engagements on each social media network helps to measure progress. It helps to know the social strategies that work, which generates more followers and more site visitors.

By being consistent with the updates on your social media sites, you tend to attract readers. You should keep a check on which posts were creating more engagements with viewers. This will help in creating better posts next time.

3. Video and Document Views

Video marketing gives a great brand exposure and hosting videos on your own site and sharing them via social media or distributing the video on sites like YouTube drive traffic towards your site. People are in a hurry nowadays. They might not read all of what you have written, but they could watch videos while traveling for sure.

Videos analytics tools like Wistia tracks how many views you get and even hosts call-to-action that engages the viewer ontoyour site.

You should not just stop on videos or pictures. You should try a webinar with a known personality. This could create traffic and could hold up interests of viewers. The guest you called in for a webinar could also share the webinar on his or her site.

4. Website Traffic

Drive visitors to your website. Whether you have been implementing an SEO advise and a social media plan or a paid advertising trick, each method should be checked about for the numbers of visitors you got from the source. This should be evaluated to know which methods were the most successful ones.

There are several ways to generate traffic for your website. Try to trigger the emotions of the reader. Create such titles or headlines that would make or create an urge within the viewer to open the link and read more about your site.

5. Blog Visits

If you use inbound marketing ways to create awareness, then there are chances that you have a blog. You can use Google Analytics to track the number of visits to the new and old blog posts.

Tracking traffic in both old and news posts helps to create a blog plan that could serve to generate more traffic immediately.

You could add hash tags to our blog and link them up with the other social Medias and your website to drive traffic to you blog posts as well.

You should definitely use the above-mentioned metrics like the revenue metrics to measure results and track the progress towards your brand.

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Author Bio:

Amy Porras is a lead Digital Marketing Strategist; she has led online marketing programs in Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Advertising and Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing Strategy and Online PR for B2B professional services companies. Follow her on Twitter.


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