Q1 Client Success Series: TeraRecon Website Design


On behalf of Hubspot’s bi-annual Impact Awards, we’re rolling out an end-of-Q1 series to showcase some of the client success stories we’re most proud of. Narrowing down this list was no easy feat, but we’re happy to feature some of our best clients alongside some of our most innovative partner projects to date.

Today we’re diving into TeraRecon, a story of masterful website design performed by one of New Breed’s finest. TeraRecon is a self-proclaimed leader in providing innovative solutions that influence clinical care across health organizations. Acting as a B2B bridge between medical machinery and the companies who use them, TeraRecon was in need of a website that could demonstrate the complexity of its products. And this is where we came in.

Their Challenge

Simply put, everything TeraRecon creates is visualization software. However, their website lacked the type of visualization to showcase their product. Defaulting to walls of text and screenshots to portray their type of software was not only difficult to navigate on the user end, but also didn’t do the product justice. What they needed was something interactive. Something that was both pleasurable for TeraRecon’s end users to navigate, as well as something that could be easily manipulated and edited from TeraRecon’s perspective. They needed a best of both worlds solution in the form of a sales ready website and scalable, interactive product tours, and New Breed was happy to deliver.

Our Process in Motion

Along with a full website redesign, our Senior Web Designer Pete Emerson was tasked with creating single page interactive tours of the products to eliminate the ineffective and overwhelming nature of their previous product display. Pete decided it best to create a virtual and interactive product tour experience that displayed TeraRecon products in an intuitive and visually interesting way. In order to meet the need of one page per tour, he implemented 3 custom tiers of nested information for each tour. The tiers consisted of Chapters, Slides, and Points, each one built into the other. Using semantically named HubSpot COS custom modules inside flex columns for each chapter within a tour allowed us to significantly reduce the number of unnecessary modules needed on a given page. This also gave TeraRecon an easy way to scan and manipulate the tours on their end while the setup of console error messages alerted the client of any flawed editing. An addition of HubSpot custom events to the virtual tours made it possible to track how people were using them and triggered a custom event every time the positional tracker changed. The whole thing was topped off with a custom tour selector designed with css located on it’s own web page within the site.

The Results

TeraRecon created 3 fully interactive product tours from New Breed’s template featuring their Lung, Cardiac MR, and 3D printing software products. Since the launch, the tours page has become the 3rd most popular web page on their site and has driven 1100 views to the 3D Printing tour page alone. Compared to their home page with a conversion rate of 0.3 percent, their tours pages are operating at a conversion rate of about 3 percent, where there were no conversion opportunities available before. When compared to the previous quarter TeraRecon saw a 50.93 percent rise in contacts and a 14.24 percent rise in visits overall in the post-tour launch quarter.


The Impact

The best part about all of this is that TeraRecon didn’t have to compromise on ANYTHING. We delivered a product that is easy for the client to use (we barely had to train them), is scalable enough to be used for similar projects, has measurable results and is easy and enjoyable for the end-user to navigate. TeraRecon’s Director of Marketing, Lindsay Fleming said it herself,


TeraRecon creates incredibly important, cutting edge medical imaging software and we were delighted to help them showcase it. With a brand new website hosted on the HubSpot COS and custom interactive tours to boot, TeraRecon had everything in place to grow their lead generation and scale their business effectively. We at New Breed are in the business of building partnerships and facilitating continuous growth for all our clients, which was no exception when it came to working with TeraRecon.

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