Q1 Client Success Series: ClearCare Integration Innovation


As part of our Q1series and on behalf of HubSpot’s bi-annual Impact Awards, we’re excited to share another story of client success. This story tells the tale of HubSpot integrations and speaks to the innovative ways you can take advantage of your current resources. At New Breed, we’re fans of leveraging your tech stack to save time, attract the right customers and stimulate growth.

Today we’re diving into ClearCare and how we worked to streamline the live demo portion of their sales cycle. ClearCare is a software platform built to help home-care agencies manage every aspect of their business. For patients with a disease that needs ongoing treatment, there are often multiple healthcare vendors that work with a home care agency to provide effective care. ClearCare’s software platform allows a home care agency to coordinate each healthcare vendor on a single platform to optimize operations, manage caregivers and deliver better treatment for each patient.

Their Challenge

The inbound sales team’s capacity at ClearCare was being strained by a large number of live demo requests from under-qualified leads. These were folks who were either not a good fit for ClearCare’s solutions or were too early in the buying process. Particularly, leads that were still preparing to open their home care agencies in the coming months. They needed a way to reduce the burden of manual qualification and improve the efficiency of their live demos. The sales team at ClearCare needed to ensure:

  • A) That leads requesting demos had a base level of understanding of the product,
  • B) That leads with a longer purchase timeline were offered relevant nurture content as they prepared to open shop. With the offer to schedule a demo postponed until a more appropriate stage.
  • C) That leads that were qualified and showed ample engagement were offered a self-service path to schedule a live demo.

Our Process in Motion

We helped ClearCare implement a segmented “Demo Request” workflow on their site, leveraging HubSpot Smart Content and the Wistia integration. A demo request form was implemented to segment leads requesting demos into 3 segments according to their readiness to purchase:

  • 1) highly qualified leads with home care agencies already up and running
  • 2) startup agencies with a short purchase timeline
  • 3) startup agencies with longer or uncertain timeline to launch their business.

Smart Content was used on the demo landing page to give the first segment the ability to request a live demo immediately. The startup agencies (segments 2 and 3) were directed to a recorded demo using an embedded Wistia video. Since startup agencies were more likely to be less-qualified for a live demo, we leveraged Wistia to serve customized nurture content and unique follow-up steps based on the leads’ demonstrated level of engagement with the recorded demo.


Contacts were enrolled in different nurture workflows based on their readiness to buy and whether or not they’d watched a minimum duration of the video. We used a custom HubSpot module with the Wistia JavaScript Player API on the video landing page to display a smart “slide-in” CTA after the user watched a certain duration of the video. This allowed the more-qualified startup segment (those who had watched the video) to immediately schedule a live follow-up demo. Check it out below!


The Results

Since the goal was to reduce the volume of unqualified startups requesting demos, few concrete data points have been generated in the recent timeframe. That said, the inbound reps at ClearCare have had a significant number of less-engaged startup leads removed from their manual qualification process.

The majority of startup leads are currently being nurtured with content, driving them to finish watching the recorded demo as a first step to learning about ClearCare and reaching the appropriate stage in the buyer journey to request a demo. This has created an automated qualification screening process for 87 percent of inbound leads that would have otherwise required a phone call from an inbound rep.

The Impact

The project was successful in immediately reducing the volume of unqualified leads making it through to the demo stage with an inbound rep. By automating part of their process using the Wistia integration, we offered more qualified leads a self-service path to schedule a demo. This freed up more of the rep’s time to focus on qualifying and tailoring the sales discussion around the more varied needs of agencies that have been in business longer.

“Our Inbound Sales Reps were spending too much time handling product inquiries from under-qualified leads at startup agencies that were too early in the buyer’s journey. New Breed helped us to segment out these leads and direct them to a Wistia video demo so they could self-educate about ClearCare’s platform before speaking with a rep. The custom implementation of the Wistia integration allowed us identify the most-qualified leads and trigger an on-screen Call-to-Action to schedule a live demo, based on their viewing behavior and other smart criteria. Now our inbound reps are saving their valuable time to speak with only the most engaged and qualified leads in this relatively high-effort segment, and we can nurture the other leads with relevant content based on their purchase timeline and video engagement.”~ Heather Eichman | Director of Product Marketing | ClearCare Online

While this project had some immediate impact — segmenting inbound leads along more appropriate nurture paths, and filtering down the volume of manual qualification to the most ready-to-purchase leads — there is ongoing opportunity to continue optimizing the content and flow of the different nurture streams for additional improvement. More quantitative results will be evident with time, but we think ClearCare is off to a pretty good start.

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