Using Evergage to Enforce Consistent Messaging in Email Signatures

consistent messaging in email signaturesEmployees across your organization send emails to prospects, customers, vendors, partners and job seekers every day. As a result, your employees’ email signatures are a reflection of your company. You likely already know this, so you probably have an existing template that each employee fills out with their own information and uses as their signature. […]


My Experience at The Personalization Summit 2017

evergage personalization summit 2017Recently I had the pleasure of joining the Evergage team and many of their clients and prospects at The Personalization Summit 2017. With so many thoughts, ideas and definitions about personalization floating around, this was an incredible opportunity to get in the same room with a diverse group of marketing professionals and discuss the question: […]

4 Key Use Cases for Triggered Emails

use cases for triggered emailsWe are all familiar with the struggle of a cluttered inbox. I receive more emails than I care to count across my personal and professional inboxes every day, and I probably delete at least 80% of these emails without opening them — making a snap judgment based on the sender or subject line. You probably […]